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Oakwood Theme Park is a top ten UK theme park and with over 30 rides and attractions there’s something for everyone. Thrill seekers can brave Speed, our newest white knuckle ride and the UK’s first rollercoaster with a beyond vertical drop. Or why not try Megafobia, the award winning wooden coaster with character, you’ll get off laughing and be desperate for more. Not afraid of heights? Well, what about The Bounce, a 160ft Shot ‘n Drop Tower coaster which shoots riders into the air at speeds of 70 kph in less than two seconds. Or maybe you fancy cooling off on Hydro, the steepest and wettest ride in Europe!

For those who prefer a slightly slower pace we have fantastic family rides for everyone to enjoy. You can whiz around the slides of Snake River Falls, pilot your own plane on Plane Crazy or take a relaxing paddle around the Boating Lake on one of our pedaloes. Joining these great rides are The Waterfall, Bobsleigh, Spooky 3D, the Pirate Ship and many, many more the only problem is making sure you have time to squeeze them all in!

For smaller kids there’s plenty of fun to be had in KidzWorld – a special world created just for children. In KidzWorld your child can lead an expedition into the undercover adventure playworld The Lost Kingdom. WhizzKidz can experiment with more than 30 hands-on science exhibits in the indoor discovery world Techniquest. In The Wacky Factory, they’ll have a ball! Equipped with thousands of soft balls, banana blasters, air fountains and levitation tables all propelled by compressed air, The Wacky Factory is an interactive play zone where kids can go wild! And for the little ones there’s Playtown, where kids can ride the Clown Coaster, pilot their own jet plane or cause chaos on the roads in their own Trucks.

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